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Taleesha J.

Taleesha is a social media analyst based in Los Angeles and is about to have her first baby! She carries a very calm and open perspective on her upcoming labor and delivery and hopes to carry that through to postpartum. Watch as her journey unfolds!

Taleesha J. Episode 6

In this FINAL episode of Taleesha's journey she talks about pushing, the wearing off of her epidural and then the birth of her baby girl!! Tiffany educates us on the normal timing of pushing.

Taleesha J. Episode 5

In this episode Taleesha continues talking about labor progression, packing her hospital bag, when her contractions kicked up a notch and her hospital arrival. Tiffany explains normal contraction progression and intermittent monitoring.

Taleesha J. Episode 4

Taleesha had her baby! She explains how labor started and how it felt, and we sit with guest midwife Tiffany Gallo and discuss the typical progression of labor.

Taleesha J. Episode 3

In this episode we talk about her birth plan! Did she know right away what type of birth she wanted? Who is going to be there? What are her must-have items in her hospital bag? Find out now!

Taleesha J. Episode 2

In this episode Taleesha discusses CLASSES. Being a very analytical person, information about birth was very important to her. Find out what classes she took and what her takeaways were.

Taleesha J. Episode 1

Welcome Taleesha to The Real Midwives! In this first episode we get introduced to her loving, calm and bright personality. Find out how she is handling being 39 weeks pregnant and how well she tolerates pain.

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