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Sarah Wright Olsen

Originally from Louisville Kentucky, Sarah is a TV and film actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, wife and mother of two. She currently stars in the Universal pictures film AMERICAN MADE opposite Tom Cruise, and has appeared in many TV shows.  She is also the co-founder of Your Zen Mama, an all-encompassing space for parents and caregivers to build an online community discussing the comedy, beauty, and complexity of pregnancy and parenthood.  Sarah lives in Los Angeles with her husband Eric Christian Olsen and their two wonderful children who arrived through two very interesting birth experiences.   Join us as Sarah shares honest, complex, and beautiful insight into her birth journeys!

Sarah Wright Olsen Episode 5

Esme is born! In this episode we listen to Sarah re-live her second birth to her 11 lb baby! Find out who was on her birth team (including her adorable son, Wyatt), how her labor progressed, and what she would have done differently. 

Sarah Wright Olsen Episode 4

In this episode we talk about the postpartum phase. Sarah discusses breastfeeding, placenta smoothies and the life-saving experience of having a postpartum doula. We also talk about Baby #2 -  including working on the set of American Made while pregnant and how she decided to go with a hospital birth for the second go around.

Sarah Wright Olsen Episode 3

In this episode we delve into Sarah's third trimester with baby #1! We learn who she put on her birth team and venture through the entire labor from beginning to end!

Sarah Wright Olsen Episode 2

Sarah is back for Episode 2 where she talks about the moment she found out she was pregnant with baby #1, her pregnancy journey and her decision to have a home birth!

Sarah Wright Olsen Episode 1

Our NEW Celebrity Birth Story features beautiful and talented actress, Sarah Wright Olsen! In this first episode we learn all about her background, how she made her way to Los Angeles, and her proposal story from her husband Eric Christian Olsen.

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