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Megan B.

Originally from North Carolina and raised in Nashville, Megan is now a Los Angeles based marriage and family therapist. Megan is embracing her road to motherhood in the same year that she got married and started her practice.  However, she struggles to find her ideal birth plan after having had dark hospital experience earlier in life.  Take a front row seat as Megan shares her honest and open journey towards what she hopes will be an empowered birth experience.

Megan B. Episode 16

HE IS HERE! In this episode Megan finally shares the birth of her baby boy! She discusses her episiotomy to help the pushing process along and how she felt upon meeting her son for the first time. Listen in to hear about the whole emotional birthing experience!

Megan B. Episode 15

In this episode we talk about Back Labor! We learn different ways to help relieve the pain from this type of labor and various ways to get that baby to turn including the Peanut Ball!

Megan B. Episode 14

In this episode Megan discusses her feelings about interventions and her experience going to the hospital. Find out how far dilated she was and her emotions about it!

Megan B. Episode 13

In this episode we pick up where we left off with Megan's labor journey. We learn how she worked through her active labor at home and at what point she decided to go to the hospital.

Megan B. Episode 12

Megan is past her due date! In this episode we learn what its like to be told you may need to get an induction AND Megan goes into LABOR!!! Find out all the details of how it got started and who she called first.

Megan B. Episode 11

In this episode Dr. Berlin, Megan B. and midwife Tiffany Gallo talk about due dates and why they should be called "guess dates" Also! We learn what Megan did to get the ball rolling on labor and get an experts opinion from Tiffany about the best ways to induce labor when you're nearing the end of your pregnancy.

Megan B. Episode 10

Megan B. finally has her BABY! In this episode Megan talks with midwife Tiffany Gallo about going past her due date and the stress it adds at the end of the third trimester.

Megan B. Episode 9

This is the last episode before the birth! In this episode we continue our discussion on PUSHING! Midwife Mari Oxenberg answers questions about body positioning, how to surrender to the process of pushing, borage capsules, and perineal massage and whether or not it works!

Megan B. Episode 8

In this episode we meet Mariposa Oxenberg, a Certified Nurse Midwife who shares her wisdom when it comes to Megan B.'s worries about pushing! Watch to learn about tips to not tear and how to know when to push.

Megan B. Episode 7

Listen to Megan B. talk about week 38 of pregnancy! In this episode she discusses what she's nervous about once baby boy comes along and also talks about her experiences with nesting. Also! See a preview of her maternity photoshoot! 

Megan B. Episode 6

Navigating classes to get ready for a baby can be extremely overwhelming! Learn how Megan B. deals with all of the information she learned before her baby is even born! 

Megan B. Episode 5

Megan B. gives us a glimpse into her baby moon in Maui! Find out what the highlight of her trip was. 

Megan B. Episode 4

Learn how Megan B. decides where to have her birth, as well as her emotional experience at their hospital tour! This video was generously sponsored by

Megan B. Episode 3

Megan continues to talk about her mental health struggles and discusses how she overcame them. Also, learn about her favorite workouts before and during her pregnancy and how she replaced her "runner's high" while expecting.

Megan B. Episode 2

Megan is back! In this episode we learn more about Megan's athletic background and her personal struggles with mental and emotional wellness.

Megan B. Episode 1

Meet Megan! In this episode we break the ice by learning which maternity books Megan found to be most helpful in her quest for knowledge about motherhood.

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